Vvash Foam Cannon

Vvash Foam Cannon


Vvash Auto Care Foam Cannon is highly recommended by professionals to produce maximum foam safely and effectively. The use of a foam cannon brings washing cars to an entirely new level. When used with Vvash Auto Care Premium Shampoo thick foam is guaranteed each and every time. Vvash Auto Care Foam Cannon comes with an adjustable nozzle allowing the consumer to not only choose their soap-to-water ratio but also choose from a jet stream to a widespread application. Effective, durable and with a variety of different colors to choose from, you will never have to look for an alternative again. 

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1. Add 2-5 ounces of Vvash Auto Care Premium Shampoo to Vvash Foam Cannon

2. Add Water

3. Select desired foam output with nozzle and spray pattern

4. Enjoy thick foam


Must be used with a power washer (Not included). Min-Max Pressure: 800-3,200 PSI

Min-Max Flow: 1.4 -5.4 GPM