Vvash 200 Gram Clay Bar

Vvash 200 Gram Clay Bar


Have you ever wondered why when you run your finger across your vehicle’s surface it feels bumpy and rough? That rough texture is paint contamination caused by brake dust, industrial fallout and bug splatter from daily driving. Even after giving your car a good foam bath it still does not feel right. This is where our Vvash Auto Care 200 Gram Clay Bar comes in handy. When used with a lubricant such as Vvash Auto Care Superior Shine the clay bar picks up all the hard to remove paint contamination, leaving your car with a smooth new surface. 

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1. Tear 1⁄3 of Clay Bar and store rest back in jar

2. Spray Vvash Auto Care Superior Shine onto desired section (One section at a time)

3. Use light pressure and go back and forth over lubricated area until surface is smooth

4. Check for paint contamination on clay bar; when contamination is present stretch and fold clay bar

5. Use a Vvash Auto Care Microfiber Towel and buff area dry


Note: If clay bar is dropped on floor the clay bar will acquire dirt which will scratch your paint if reused. Break off soiled portion and discard.