Vvash 16oz Interior Cleaner

Vvash 16oz Interior Cleaner


Vvash Auto Care Interior Cleaner​ makes cleaning your interior as easy as 1-2-3. With state of the art technology Vvash Auto Care Interior Cleaner is formulated to use on not only your vehicle’s dash and trim but also on any interior surface. If you’re tired of having to use multiple products just to clean your interior then Vvash Auto Care Interior is the perfect solution when looking for a fast and efficient product to clean and maintain your interior.

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1. Shake well before each use.

2. Spray directly onto desired surface.

3. With a clean Vvash Auto Care Microfiber Towel wipe surface until all residue is gone.

4. Enjoy clean surface that is 100% dry to the touch.


Note: Can be diluted 10:1 with filtered water if desired.