Vvash 16oz Carpet Cleaner

Vvash 16oz Carpet Cleaner


Vvash Auto Care Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner ​is specially formulated to clean interior carpet and fabrics without leaving any harmful effects. There is no denying your carpets and rugs might very well endure the most abuse in your car. Whether you step in a puddle and drag mud in your vehicle, or just dirt from everyday activities sometimes the routinely standard vacuum will not cut it. Vvash Auto Care Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner is the solution. This concentrated product contains cleaning agents that not only detect unwanted grime but repel them away from the fibers.

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1. Vacuum the desired area to remove any dirt particles.

2. Spray Carpet& Upholstery onto targeted area and allow 30-40 seconds to penetrate dirt and grime.

3. Use a Vvash Auto Care brush to agitate and loosen any stubborn particles.

4. Use a Vvash Auto Care Microfiber Towel to dry area.

5. After completely dry, Vacuum area to remove any excess particles that may have been left.