Vvash 1 Gallon Stain Remover

Vvash 1 Gallon Stain Remover


Vvash Auto Care Stain Remover ​is formulated with state of the art technology to specifically lift and remove stains and any other unwanted blemishes in your fabric, carpet, and much more. Effective when used in combination with Vvash Auto Care Carpet Cleaner, leaving fabric feeling revitalized. Vvash Auto Care Stain Remover can be used many different ways—as easy as using just a Vvash Auto Care Microfiber Towel and brush to wipe area, but for optimal use a hot water extractor is recommended. Say goodbye to any unwanted stains because once you use Vvash Stain Remover they will be a thing of the past.

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1. Shake well before each use.

2. Vacuum area in which Stain Remover will be applied.

3. Spray Stain Remover on stain.

4. Use Vvash Auto Care brush to remove stain.

5. Blot dry with microfiber towel.

6. Enjoy stain free fabric.