Vvash Foam Cannon & 16oz Ceramic Shampoo

Vvash Foam Cannon & 16oz Ceramic Shampoo


If you’re looking for the most effective and simplest way to wash your vehicle then look no further. When Vvash Foam Cannon is mixed with Vvash Ceramic Shampoo it truly is a beautiful sight. Vvash Premium Car Shampoo is already formulated to produce thick dense foam every time—now imagine it being used with a foam cannon. Washing your car the traditional way will never be appealing again.

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1. Add 2-5 ounces of Vvash Auto Care Ceramic Shampoo to Vvash Foam Cannon

2. Add Water

3. Select desired foam output with nozzle and spray pattern

4. Enjoy thick foam


Must be used with a power washer (Not included). Min-Max Pressure: 800-3,200 PSI

Min-Max Flow: 1.4 -5.4 GPM