Vvash 16oz Detail Spray

Vvash 16oz Detail Spray


Vvash Auto Care Detail Spray is the perfect product for any large or small detail. Whether it be a used regularly to always leave your car with a detailed appearance or to help dry your car after a basic wash Detail Spray will easily and effectively remove water spots and make drying your car enjoyable especially in hot climates. Vvash Auto Care Detail Spray is also used in emergency circumstances when washing is not a option such as cleaning bird droppings, and insect remains before they can cause damage to your vehicles paint.

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  1. Shake well before each use.

  2. Mist over a 2’ by 2’ area.

  3. Use a Vvash Auto Care Microfiber Towel to wipe the area.

  4. Turn towel frequently to clean side.

  5. On bird dropping and insect remains spray and allow to loosen for 30 seconds before wiping.