Vvash 1 Gallon Superior Shine

Vvash 1 Gallon Superior Shine


Vvash Auto Care Superior Shine ​is formulated to protect your paint from UV damage while at the same time leaving your car with a beautiful shine. Superior Shine is an essential product when detailing any car. Whether it be used as a clay lubricant, spray wax, or gloss enhancer no detail is complete without Superior Shine.

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1. Shake well before each use.

2. Make sure car surface is dry before applying.

3. Spray Superior Shine 6-12 inches away from vehicle. Apply to one section at a time.

4. Use a clean Vvash Auto Care Microfiber towel to evenly spread Superior Shine.

5. Use a new clean microfiber towel to make sure all Superior Shine residue is gone.


Note: Do not apply in direct sunlight. For optimal performance wash vehicle before applying Superior Shine with Vvash Auto Care Premium Car Shampoo.