Vvash 16oz Premium Shampoo

Vvash 16oz Premium Shampoo


Vvash Auto Care Premium Shampoo​ is specifically formulated to remove excess dirt and any other unwanted debris your car’s surface may have, while leaving it with a magnificent shine. This product is pH balanced which makes it the perfect option when wanting to preserve Previous wax or sealant! If extra thick foam is what you're looking for then we highly recommend using Car Shampoo with a foam gun or better yet a foam cannon.

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1. Shake well before each use.

2. Mix 1-2 oz. of Premium Shampoo into a Vvash Auto Care 5 Gallon Wash Bucket. Then add water.

3. Rinse car first then wash preferably with a Vvash Auto Care Wash Pad.

4. After car is properly washed, rinse car down to reveal immaculate shine.

Note: For Optimal results, add 4 oz. of Premium Shampoo to Vvash Auto Care foam gun or foam cannon.