Vvash 16oz Foam Cannon Shampoo

Vvash 16oz Foam Cannon Shampoo


Vvash Auto Care Foam Cannon Shampoo is specifically formulated to produce high amounts of foam creating a better and more satisfying wash each and every time. This product is pH neutral so it is safe to use in direct sunlight and will also not strip any previous wax or sealant. For a optimal and high foam experience we recommend using a Vvash Auto Care Foam Cannon which needs to be hooked up to a gas or electric pressure washer.

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  1. Pour 2-4 oz into Vvash Foam Cannon. (4 oz recommended)

  2. Fill rest of Foam Cannon with water.

  3. Rinse car first then foam entire vehicle. 

  4. Wash preferably with a Vvash Auto Care Wash Pad.

  5. After car is properly washed, rinse car down to reveal immaculate shine.