Vvash Foam Cannon & 16oz Premium Wash & Wax

Vvash Foam Cannon & 16oz Premium Wash & Wax


If you’re looking for the most effective and simplest way to wash your vehicle then look no further. When Vvash Foam Cannon is mixed with Vvash Premium Wash & Wax it truly is a beautiful sight. Vvash Premium Wash & Wax is already formulated to produce thick dense foam every time—now imagine it being used with a foam cannon. Washing your car the traditional way will never be appealing again.

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1. Add 2-5 ounces of Vvash Auto Care Premium Wash & Wax to Vvash Foam Cannon

2. Add Water

3. Select desired foam output with nozzle and spray pattern

4. Enjoy thick foam


Must be used with a power washer (Not included). Min-Max Pressure: 800-3,200 PSI

Min-Max Flow: 1.4 -5.4 GPM