Vvash Nano 9H Ceramic Coating

Vvash Nano 9H Ceramic Coating

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Product is Clear & Transparent

Easy Installation

Does not break down

Nano 9H High Gloss Finish

3 year coating

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1 Before application check to make sure paint is free of swirls and contamination.

2. Use isopropyl alcohol or VVAH Auto Care Glass Cleaner to prep each panel.

3 .With painters tape mask off all rubber and plastic trim that could get effected while applying coating.

4. Wrap white cloth around black applicator which are both provided.

5. Apply a few drops of product on applicator then apply in sections of 2x2 until entire panel is completed.

6. Let product sit for a few minutes until coating rainbows.

7. Once rainbow is visible remove with a Vvash Auto Care Extra Plush Microfiber Towel.

8. Repeat process until entire vehicle is finished.

9. Do not wash car for a minimum of 24 hours.

For any questions regarding how to apply this product feel free to email us sales@vvashautocare.com